The Fiestas of the Pilar are always a collection of traditions. However, they change each year in order to offer the best to the residents and visitors, seeking a balance between the abandon of the night and culture. Concerts and brass bands; theatre and parades; enthusiasm and sprees; cosmopolitan and Aragonese feeling…

Live walls

Zaragoza has one of the most important collections of urban mural art in Europe thanks to the Festival Asalto.

While cycling or walking, the works of some of the most outstanding artists in this field invite us to get to know a different Zaragoza, which goes from the centre to the outer districts.

Fiestas del Pilar

The cutting edge of the most exported and dearest Zaragoza are the Fiestas del Pilar which are celebrated in the streets fervently. Entire families and people from all over the world join in in the tradition of the Offering to the Virgen del Pilar. The Fiestas del Pilar are also art and pageantry, as well as nocturnal spontaneity.

Green Zaragoza

The banks of the River Ebro are among the grand legacies recently recuperated by the people of Zaragoza.

This has been a pleasant recovery shown by the river banks filled with people of all ages, having a very enjoyable time on terraces and in nooks or taking part in sports in this privileged environment.