From Goya to urban art

Zaragoza treasures outstanding jewels of the work of its compatriot Goya. The Museo de Zaragoza, the recently remodelled Museo Goya Colección Ibercaja and the domes of the Basilica of the Pilar are examples. Being the revolutionary genius that he was, the artist from Fuendetodos would surely have fallen in love with the urban art which is part of the rich heritage of Zaragoza thanks to the Festival Asalto.

On the Arab trail

Zaragoza is a magnificent example of Aragonese Mudéjar art, a World Heritage Site.

The route is sprinkled with museums, restaurants, houses and tapas bars, from the Aljafería, the most northerly Arab Palace in Europe, to the recuperated, spectacular Seo (Cathedral), up to the Tower of the Church of the Magdalena, a symbol of one of the most youthful, sparkling and fashionable in the city.