Culture and fiesta join together in Zaragoza, the city everyone wants to return to.

Everyone always wants to return to Zaragoza. The hospitality of its people is joined by many other treasures: its extensive historical-artistic heritage, its offer of leisure and culture, the liveliness of its streets, its tapas routes, its avant-garde restaurants and, of course, the Fiestas del Pilar.
Besides the abandon of the night-time, the fiestas of October are a calling card of cultural Aragon, whose capital is its entrance gate. Each square, each corner display the atmosphere of the many festivals which extend throughout the year in the territory. From the Slap, dedicated to black music, to Latin Zaragoza, which brings the most outstanding performers from the other side of the Atlantic; Lagatavajunto, with ‘reggae’ rhythms or the ‘delicatessen’ fanfare musicals, etc.
Aragón and Zaragoza are a festival of festivals.


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The Fiestas of the Pilar are always a collection of traditions. However, they change each year in order to offer the best to the residents and visitors, seeking a balance between the abandon of the night and culture. Concerts and brass bands; theatre and parades; enthusiasm and sprees; cosmopolitan and Aragonese feeling…


Live walls

Zaragoza has one of the most important collections of urban mural art in Europe thanks to the Festival Asalto.

While cycling or walking, the works of some of the most outstanding artists in this field invite us to get to know a different Zaragoza, which goes from the centre to the outer districts.